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Welcome to the Janji-Ku, where we embrace the challenges of family-friend loans with enthusiasm!

We understand that money and, more importantly, relationships are at stake when lending and borrowing money to and from your loved ones. That’s why our tool offers the ultimate solution, fostering a hassle-free and mutually beneficial engagement.

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Peace of Mind

Did you know that Americans borrow a staggering $200 Billion each year from friends and family?

Surprisingly, over 93% of lenders face the inconvenience of late payments. Say goodbye to the tiresome chore of sending reminders and meticulously tracking payments.

Take charge of your loans effortlessly with our cutting-edge app. Manage your loans with ease and reclaim control of your financial relationships today!


Experience a seamless process from the very start to the completion of your loan, ensuring a smooth and effortless journey at every step with Janji-Ku.

From application to approval, and from repayment to completion, our platform provides a streamlined experience that takes the hassle out of the lending process.

Rest assured, your financial journey is in expert hands.

Credit Rating

Unlock a unique and beneficial feature with Janji-Ku: borrowers earn credit scores based on their timely repayments.

This innovative offering not only benefits the borrower but also enhances the lending experience for the lender.

It’s a win-win situation that promotes financial trust and rewards responsible financial behavior.

With Janji-Ku, your lending journey becomes even more rewarding and secure.

Unique Feature

Smart Features for Smart Users

Enjoy secure and seamless transactions within the Janji-Ku app, ensuring a hassle-free experience every step of the way

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Effortlessly create and manage all your records within the Janji-Ku app, saving you time and providing peace of mind throughout the process.

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Elevate your profile with Janji-Ku’s flag-based rating system, earning credit ratings that boost your credibility and enhance your financial profile.

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Stay on top of your payments with Janji-Ku’s convenient monthly payment reminders.

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Inspires unshakable confidence in every financial interaction.

Why Janji-Ku?

How Janji-Ku makes Loans Effortless

Our cutting-edge platform empowers seamless family-friend loans by automating mundane administrative tasks.

Set up loans in minutes and gain access to capital within your network with unparalleled peace of mind.

Let us handle the heavy-lifting, while you enjoy a hassle-free lending experience.


Borrow confidently

When life gets sticky, lean on your crew and start borrowing cash on your own terms.

Build your credibility

Boost your credit credential with our one-of-a-kind rating system.

Lend with peace of mind

Give your folks a hand with pocket-friendly loans – no hassle of nagging or paperwork.

Get full repayment

We keep payment defaults in check by giving props to those who pay on time.

Family-Friend Loans on YourSmart Device

Build credit credential

Minimize non-repayment risks

Now possible on Janji-ku.

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