Top Reasons to Use Automated Payment Reminders for Family-Friend Loans

Automated Payment Reminders How They Get You Paid

When it comes to family-friend loans, forgetting payment dates are pretty much common. The cause can be anything, but do not let that hinder you from receiving payments for your loan. You can send automatic payment reminder emails to get paid back timely.

Manually sending out payment reminders is tiresome. Not only does it take up time, but it can also get lost in the mail. This can put a delay in your cash flow. To reduce such payment risks, Janji-Ku provides automatic payment reminders for lenders.

Why Choose Automated Invoice Reminders?

For lenders looking for immediate borrower response rather than waiting for days, automated payment reminders are the best solution. Since these reminders are sent via email and text, the borrower will notice immediately.

Automated payment reminder applications like Janji-Ku allow lenders to boost payment efficiency by customizing messages, frequency, and timing. This results in a faster collection of funds and improved cash flow. Other key benefits include:

1. Increased Speed

When lenders send a manual payment reminder email, it could take days or weeks before the lender gets the reminder and opens it. What if the reminder gets lost in the mail? Luckily, automatic payment reminder emails ensure that the message is delivered immediately.

2. Ease and Convenience

Automated payment reminders are convenient. They can be scheduled to arrive in a certain period of time before or after the due date. You can schedule them at a time when the lender is most likely checking his or her email. This way, automated reminders not only save you time, but they can also save you money in the long run.

3. Tailored Messages

Not all lenders have the same financial needs. For instance, a lender who forgot to pay by a few days is different from one who’s several weeks. Therefore, you will need to send personalized payment reminders with different messages. This is what makes automated reminders a good solution to tailor messages and get the money back.

4. Streamlined Communication

It’s always better to reach lenders through their preferred communication channels. A study suggests that 69% of past-due lenders prefer digital contact methods instead of calls and letters. Also, using automatic payment reminders helps you guarantee safety and ensure timely payments, reducing friction in the payment process.

5. Healthy Relationship

As a lender, you want to think about a payment process that makes receiving and paying money easy. With automated mails or messages, you can give lenders the freedom to open their messages on the move. This also gives them the ability to quickly access the communication at their fingertips and maintain a healthy relationship.

Summing Up

Sometimes borrowers forget to pay their loan and simply need to be reminded of their outstanding money. This is where Janji-Ku gives you the ability to create and customize automated payment reminders. Want to set your own automated invoice reminders?

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